When you undergo a surgical procedure or require specialized pain management in Maine, it’s likely that a Spectrum anesthesiologist will be a member of your care team.

That’s because top hospitals and healthcare facilities trust our highly trained anesthesiologists to provide expert care to their patients, and partner with us to deliver it.

In fact, Spectrum anesthesiologists provide anesthetic care to more than 55,000 patients each year—a collective depth and breadth of experience that’s unparalleled.

The types of anesthesia Spectrum provides

You can count on our anesthesiologists for advanced expertise in specialized areas such as:

  • Acute (perioperative) and chronic pain management
  • Anesthesia for ambulatory surgery
  • Cardiac anesthesia
  • Critical care services
  • Neurosurgical anesthesia
  • Obstetrical anesthesia
  • Orthopaedic anesthesia
  • Pediatric anesthesia
  • Regional nerve blocks
  • Vascular/thoracic anesthesia

This level of specialization means that you benefit from today’s most sophisticated anesthesia technology and techniques, tailored to your unique needs. Learn more about our specialized anesthesia services.

What to expect from your anesthesiologist when you have surgery

At Spectrum, we believe an informed patient is an empowered patient. Learn what to expect from your anesthesiologist when you undergo surgery.

Spectrum’s locations: Where our anesthesiologists practice

Maine’s leading hospitals and health systems, including Maine Medical Center, Mid Coast Hospital, Northern Light Mercy Hospital, Southern Maine Health Care, and Stephens Memorial Hospital choose Spectrum to provide the highest-quality specialty services. It’s important to know that at these locations, Spectrum anesthesiologists are the only anesthesiologists providing services. So having your doctor schedule your surgery at one of these facilities ensures that you’ll receive the excellent care you deserve.

Spectrum Ambulatory Surgery Center
Intermed Ambulatory Surgery Center
LincolnHealth – Miles Health Campus
Maine Eye Center
Maine Medical Center – Portland
Maine Medical Center – Scarborough Surgery Center
Mid Coast Hospital
Northern Light Mercy Hospital
Plastic & Hand Surgical Specialists
Portland Gastroenterology Center
Southern Maine Medical Center – Biddeford
Southern Maine Medical Center – Kennebunkport
Southern Maine Medical Center – Sanford
Stephens Memorial Hospital

Questions about anesthesia?

If you have any questions about your anesthesia for an upcoming surgical procedure, please feel free to call us at 207-482-7800. Or  you may call the main number at the hospital or surgery center where your procedure is scheduled and ask to be connected to the anesthesiology department.


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