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History & Vision

Spectrum Healthcare Partners was formed in 1996 as a result of a merger amongst Northeast Anesthesia Professional Association, Maine Pathology Associates and Radiology Associates of Maine. The physicians of these groups recognized both the opportunity and necessity for physicians to play a leadership role in Maine’s evolving managed care environment.

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Spectrum’s quality efforts are driven by our physicians. The company supports the investment of physician resources in building and improving infrastructure and systems implemented at our hospitals and sites of service.

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Management Services Company

In today’s healthcare environment, delivering quality patient care is only part of what makes a provider organization successful. You must have the right systems and processes in place to run the business side of healthcare delivery.

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Partnering With Spectrum

Spectrum Healthcare Partners works with health care facilities and other group practices on a consultative basis to assist in developing utilization review, quality, and practice management services.

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Service Profile

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