When your doctor orders an imaging exam to help diagnose a health condition, it’s likely that a Spectrum Healthcare Partners radiologist will be involved.

That’s because most of Maine’s top hospitals and imaging centers partner with Spectrum to provide radiology services. The reason for this is simple: no other practice can offer the depth and breadth of clinical expertise that we can.

Spectrum’s advanced subspecialty expertise

Spectrum’s radiology team includes board-certified experts, many with advanced subspecialty training in these areas:

  • Computed tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Pediatric imaging
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Neuroradiology
  • Musculoskeletal radiology
  • Breast imaging
  • Interventional radiology

Access Spectrum’s radiologists from virtually anywhere in Maine

Today’s technology makes it possible for a Spectrum radiologist to read your exam from virtually anywhere in Maine. Digital images from exams at all our partner hospitals are securely sent and stored on our centralized picture archiving and communication system (PACS).

So if you were to have a brain MRI, for example, your images are accessed and interpreted by a radiologist who is fellowship-trained in neuroradiology—even if that radiologist isn’t located at the facility where you had your exam.

As a result, you benefit from Spectrum’s unrivalled level of advanced radiology expertise—wherever you are in Maine.

The radiology services Spectrum provides

Learn more about the diagnostic imaging services that Spectrum provides.

Spectrum’s locations: Where our radiologists practice

Maine’s leading hospitals and health systems choose Spectrum to provide the highest-quality specialty services. To find the location nearest you where our radiologists provide diagnostic imaging, please visit our Locations page.

It’s important to know that at these locations, Spectrum radiologists are the only radiologists providing services. So having your doctor schedule your exam or procedure at one of these hospitals or facilities ensures that you’ll receive the excellent care you deserve.

If you have any questions about an upcoming diagnostic imaging exam or radiology procedure, please feel free to call us. Simply call the main number at the hospital or imaging facility where your exam is scheduled and ask to be connected to the radiology department.

If you have a question about the most appropriate exam or procedure for a patient, or wish to discuss the results of a test, Spectrum radiologists are always available by phone. Simply call the main number at your patient’s hospital or imaging facility and ask to be connected to the radiology department.

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