Dr. Cushing’s Check-In – Technology

Dr. Yeang Chng and Dr. Omar Ashour have developed a division specific website for Northern Radiology.  Prior to establishing this wiki (a hypertext publication collaboratively edited and managed by its own audience, using a web browser), the division struggled with a convenient way to access and source a knowledge base of information. The new website is a central knowledge repository tailored to the needs of the Northern Radiology division, which will ultimately be tailored to each physician’s daily rotation. The information populated is dynamic and specific to each day of the week.

The overarching goals of the website are to save time by eliminating the number of clicks to information needed, make it easier for physician to make phone calls (each number in the phone directory ties directly to Teams), and have all relevant information stored in one place rather than multiple websites.  Eliminating end-user confusion and barriers increases physician efficiency, leading to improved patient care and satisfaction. The IT division is exploring this website as a potential template for other division-specific websites.

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