Spectrum Healthcare Partners launches ‘Leading by Example’ video series

Thank you for joining us for this episode of Leading by Example, an informational video series where subject matter experts from Spectrum Healthcare Partners and Spectrum Management Services Company, provide guidance and other resources to help patients, providers, and communities on timely healthcare topics.

People’s fears and anxiety were compounded by confusion in the wake of recent announcements that local healthcare organizations are furloughing staff. Patients are concerned that they won’t be able to receive care – during or after the pandemic subsides – and are having trouble reconciling that medical providers are experiencing a slowdown during a public health crisis. Many are aware that providers are continuing to deliver “essential care,” but don’t necessarily understand what that includes or whether they can safely obtain this care if needed.

In today’s segment, Herbert Cushing, M.D., chief medical officer at Spectrum Healthcare Partners (SHCP) and infectious disease expert, will share information to help answer common questions and allay patient concerns about access to safe care.


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