My Cast Is Getting Removed, Now What?

Great news, you’ve been told it’s time to have your cast removed! You no longer need that area immobile and are probably ready to shower without a trash bag over the cast. Then it hits you, how do they get this thing off of me?

Don’t worry, the removal of a cast is painless! When it’s time to get it off, you’ll once again find yourself in the cast room. The cast technicians know exactly where to cut when removing your cast, because they were the ones who placed the pads there during the application process! The pad comes in handy during removal, as it makes a barrier between their scissors and your skin.

The scissors used to remove your cast are specially made for cutting through your cast and not hurting you. Sometimes, removing your cast may need the help of a tool that is a little tougher than the scissors. The cast tech will use a small saw to assist in removing the cast, but don’t worry it will not cut or hurt you! The saw can be loud because there is a vacuum attached to it. It can also tickle as the saw vibrates. Again, don’t worry, the saw only cuts through the hard cast material and not the padding.

Once your cast has successfully been removed, you may still need a brace or splint. Your provider will provide your cast tech with specific instructions for you and your injury. Removable braces help your body complete the healing process, but allow you the ability to take a break.

If this is the case for you, we can turn your cast into a removable brace! We will apply Velcro straps to your cast so that it is adjustable. The best part? Your cast is then washable. The tech will provide you with specific instructions for washing, but it can go right into the laundry machine and come out smelling fresh.

Before you leave, you will be given specific instructions on when you can and cannot remove your new removable cast. Be sure to read them carefully and follow these instructions. They are vital to healing as best as you can.

What now? You’ve graduated from the cast room! You will follow up with your provider to talk about when you can stop using the removable cast. You may also be referred to physical therapy to finish your healing process.

Because we know the thought of having a cast cut off of you could be unsettling, we followed Scrubby, the Spectrum Schnauzer, to watch him get his cast removed. Watch below!


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