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As a physician owned and led group, Spectrum can focus on issues that are important to physicians. The pressures of practicing at Spectrum are not unique to us, but our solutions are. The Physician Resilience and Well-Being Committee was formed by and reports directly to the Spectrum Healthcare Partners Board of Directors, reflecting their commitment to our physicians long, happy, and successful careers.

Two consultants with expertise in physician well-being are members of the Committee. Since its inception, the Committee has championed a number of evidence-based projects aimed at building a culture of physician well-being. In fact, in 2021 and 2023, we were one of healthcare organizations nationwide to be a recipient of the AMA’s Joy in Medicine Health System Recognition Program. This distinction recognizes healthcare organizations with a demonstrated commitment to preserving the well-being of healthcare team members.

Spectrum recognizes that the distress all physicians experience is real and tangible. The root cause is the nature of the medical environment we all live with day to day and not physician weakness. These systems-level issues are experienced by all in healthcare systems across our nation and have been exacerbated by the pandemic. Physicians are not superhuman and face many challenges, including:

  • Unrealistic expectations on the part of our referring clinicians, hospital administrators, patients, and society in general.
  • Pressure to constantly improve performance and efficiency in the face of limited resources and support, electronic health records and the myriad of quality metrics that has placed a huge administrative burden on physicians.
  • Changing demographics and generational evolution – more physicians in two career relationships that rightly demand a balance of personal and professional time.

History of Wellness Programs & Initiatives

MENTORme Physician Mentor Program

In 2015, Spectrum piloted a program developed to support the onboarding and integration of new physicians joining its Orthopaedics Division. Over the next few years, the program was updated and adapted to support physicians across all disciplines. In 2020, an updated program was rolled out to all Spectrum Divisions.

Resilience Coaching Program

In 2017, Spectrum introduced a resilience coaching pilot program based on a controlled study conducted by Atrius Health in Boston. The coaching was conducted by certified resilience coaches. After a one-year pilot, and based on overwhelmingly positive feedback from coaching participants, Spectrum formally launched a resilience coaching program. This program is available to all Spectrum physicians.

Performance Coaching

In 2017, Spectrum began offering support for physician leaders. This coaching was conducted by certified leadership coaches, trained to work with physicians who were struggling with issues within their leadership roles.

Resilience & Well-Being Committee

In 2018, Spectrum formed a multidisciplinary Physician Resilience & Well-Being Committee in response to feedback received from our company-wide physician engagement survey. The Committee consists of physicians from all Divisions and administrators who are committed to cultivating well-being as a core organizational strength. The Committee is focused on promoting physician well-being, resiliency, self-care, and professional satisfaction, thereby contributing to quality patient care. The Committee is informed by the work of experts in physician well-being who help us to ensure that their work is evidence-based and impactful.

Peer Support Program

In 2019, Spectrum launched a Peer Support Program to support our physicians when they are faced with difficult and adverse events. Over a dozen Spectrum physicians from all disciplines were trained to be peer supporters. Spectrum also engaged with outside resources to support physicians in need of additional support. This program is available to all Spectrum physicians.

Orientation Program

In 2019, Spectrum added an overview of the resilience & well-being programs, initiatives, and resources to the physicians’ first day orientation.

Physician Well-Being Program

In 2021, Spectrum’s Southern Radiology Division piloted a physician well-being program created to provide a more robust orientation and onboarding experience for a new physician. The pilot included touchpoints with members of the Committee, human resources, department/site chairs, and others in a scheduled sequence (Day One, 30-Day Check-In, 60-Day Check-In, 90-Day Check-In, etc.). At the end of the pilot, the Committee agreed the program was helpful to new physicians and in 2022, the program was rolled out company wide.

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