Dr. Cushing’s Check-In – Why & How We Measure Patient Satisfaction

Why & How We Measure Patient Satisfaction 

Since our orthopaedic and outpatient radiology practices have come together gradually over time, we discovered that we did not have a standardized set of questions or data collection process, which prevented us from benchmarking and reporting.

The project team made the decision to transition to a new process to capture patient satisfaction. This new process surveys the patients electronically within 72 hours of being seen at one of our Spectrum owned clinics via email, text, or phone call. All methods include the ability for the patient to opt out of the survey at any time, and patients are only surveyed once per every 180 days, per provider, per location.

Responses are available in our patient satisfaction portal as soon as the survey is completed. Negative responses are immediately routed to our patient experience coordinator. This step is crucial to our process, as obtaining feedback closer to the visit allows us to contact the patient and quickly resolve concerns.

We have seen improvement in several areas of patient satisfaction since implementation and are pleased to see our ambulatory surgery center outperforms peer surgery centers across the country. Work will continue over the year with a focus on the lowest performing areas. We are excited to help move this important aspect of patient care forward.

This process change also brought the ability to improve awareness to providers about satisfaction data and timely follow up from frontline managers.

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