Dr. Cushing’s Check-In – Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“I really appreciated how kind the staff were the day of surgery. I felt like they multi-tasked so that everything was very efficient. They were interested in how I was doing, respecting any anxiety that I was having, as well as worried about my knee. There were several of them for this little procedure, making it as smooth of an experience as possible. I remember waking up and the nurse was very kind, attentive and respectful.” – Orthopaedic Patient, Portland, Maine

“I just want to thank everybody at OA, people like Dr. Dirk Asherman, Bernadette Shaw, Cheri Erikson, “Trish” at the front desk at Sewall Street who are my most recent contacts, for the great care you provide, in a patient-centric friendly and efficient atmosphere. I have been a patient of OA off and on for over 30 years, depending on current damage, in the past, and now helping in the aging process. It is wonderful to observe over the decades how you’ve been able to keep/create the positive atmosphere throughout your staff and doctors, despite your rapid growth. It certainly breeds confidence. Building a small organization is a challenge in itself, having done it myself I know. But especially in the medical field which is so fraught these days. So I just wanted to let you know that both I and my wife are very happy to be occasional patients when the need arises.” – Established Orthopaedic Patients, Portland, Maine

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