Avoid running injury in cooler weather

Long time runner and Spectrum physical therapist, Dan Frey, knows what it’s like to be injured. He also knows how to help you avoid an injury to continue running outside as the weather gets cooler.

Here are 3 tips from Dan to stay healthy and enjoy running in the crisp, fall weather:

  1. 65% of runner’s are injured each year. This number is too high! We all know runner’s like to run but most of us do not like to do any other type of cross conditioning. Focus on supplementing your running with 2-3 x wk of core stability, along with hip and lower extremity strength to minimize your risk of injury.
  2. As the temperatures start to drop, proper warm up prior to running becomes more important. Allow 10 min. of quick walking or slow jogging, along with a few dynamic stretches, prior to the start of your run in colder temperatures.
  3. Running in Maine can be challenging in the winter. As the snow starts to fly and the roads get more slick, it is essential that you have proper footwear. Consider using a trail running shoe for days where the roads do not have ice but may have patches of snow, for ice, it is best to use over the shoe traction devices or stud your shows with a product such as Icespike.

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